The choice of the frame system and its final composition depends on factors such as the level of prefabrication, connections between construction parts, execution of additional construction parts, heating and ventilation systems and the facade construction. Starting from the basic requirement specifications and sketches, Martinsons create optimal solutions for each individual project including planning guides and calculations. Martinsons deliver a prefabricated and installation ready building kit with an exact cut frame including all belonging forgings and embedded components. Complete drawings of the frame and details are provided as well as detailed installation instructions. If necessary, Martinsons are able to assist with the whole frame construction.


Download of the calculation and dimensioning program

To facilitate in an early stage of the planning we have a dimensioning program with charts for computation dimensioning. The dimensioning program does not exclude a more accurate calculation to be made later on. The charts show cross-section dimensions for some common glulam constructions with different spans and loads as well as construction facts and charts for Swedish snow zone dimensioning and fire classes. The measurements are calculated based on the construction rules of The Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning.

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Construction solutions

Martinsons' R & D department has created a series of construction solutions and attachment details to ease rational and time effective installations. The developed methods guarantee both security and long resistance of the installed constructions.

N.B. The calculations on the following pages are dimensioned according to The Swedish Nation Board of Housing, Building and Planning; updates of dimensioning standards according to Eurocodes are in progress and will be done shortly.


The building project’s conditions determines which solution that is to be recommended, and except from the examples shown, special solutions are possible if necessary. Martinsons are pleased to contribute with consultation in questions surrounding attachment details and other elements which are necessary in the installation progress.