The customer decides the level of completion the building should be delivered in. Basic constructions are usually purchased locally by the client. The level of completion which is offered can be adjusted to the client’s requests. As we see it there are great benefits with giving Martinsons a big commitment:

Just one contractor to turn to When Martinsons are hired to manage most of the delivery and on site assembling of a project, total security are offered for everything included in our part of the contract.

Warranty and insurance In every on site assembling we undertake we offer correct trade insurances and guarantees for our part as contractor.

Logistics and sharp timetables When Martinsons are hired as the contractor we also take responsibility for the planning of the logistics which is something that the customer is responsible for otherwise.

A fixed correct price When we are responsible for the hole project, everything from projecting and manufacturing to logistics, transports and on site assembling, the risk of unexpected additional costs is reduced.

This is four standard examples of contracting:

Material frame kit
If the client choose to be responsible for the on site assembling we deliver a complete material building kit including an exact cut frame and belonging forgings and embedded components. Complete drawings of the frame and details are also supplied.
Installed frame with corrugated galvanized iron roof support
The glulam frame is installed with a corrugated galvanized iron roof support which is used for the following roofing. The client is responsible for other deliveries and installations to be implemented.
Installed frame with corrugated galvanized iron roof support and wall elements
Depending on what the construction contract will contain we can also include delivery and installation of wall elements and entresols for example. For the walls and entresols Martinsons can offer both own custom made products in CLT but also products from external suppliers.
Complete building
We can also deliver and install a complete building envelope for both warm and cold buildings. We then hand over a dense building to the client including insulation and roofing, foundation, wall elements/exterior finish, doors, windows etc. It is possible to choose different solutions for entresols, entrances and other belonging storages.