Martinsons have long experience of delivering indoor ice rinks and hockey arenas made of glulam frames to sport clubs and municipalities all over Sweden. The customers’ satisfaction lies in several factors. It concerns everything from the bearing capacity of the strong environmentally friendly glulam frames, to the advantages of the condensation and sound levels in the premises. Further, wood create an indoor environment that is both pleasant and gives ideal conditions for making a good ice surface.


Standard indoor ice rinks

Martinsons offer cost-effective and easy to project standard solutions to indoor ice rinks particularly adapted to the purpose. The standard ice rink is build of a glulam frame with outer walls of CLT and a self-supporting roof. There are space for bleachers, changing rooms, referee room, equipment room, lobby and rooms for the staff. Above the changing rooms there are room for ventilation and other technical installations. There are also room for the building owner to develop restaurants or offices.


If the standard ice rink is equipped with bleachers for at least 500 people, it is classified as an ice rink C according to the Swedish Ice Hockey association’s classification.