Martinsons’ concept for indoor car parking is based on a column and beam frame in glulam combined with a bearing cassette joist made of CLT. We can now, after an extensive R&D work, offer indoor car parking with both construction technical and environmental friendly advantages.


Dynamic heavy loads which are normal in an indoor car parking are well handled thanks to the construction structure.


Effective noise reduction allows parts of the ground floor to be used as, for example offices or business premises, without being disturbed by the traffic in the indoor car parking.


Durable surface of polyurethane makes the roadway resistant. Constructive water diversion ensures the water to be led away in the right direction to prevent damage.


Aesthetic possibilities are created thanks to the glulam material’s natural wooden feeling and appealing appearance.


Thoughtful environmental choices are usually not linked with the design of indoor car parking but this is now a possibility. Glulam is a natural part of the natural cycle and binds carbon during its whole lifecycle. The glulam also consume less energy than other building material at production, transport and construction.