Martinsons’ construction system of glulam and CLT offers unique possibilities for additional floors to existing buildings. Thanks to the construction parts’ strength compared to their low weight, additional floors can be made without the expensive and time consuming frame reinforcements that are often required in the use of other materials.


Avoiding reinforcements in existing frame The material’s high bearing capacity combined with its low weight makes it possible to build an additional floor where it would not have been possible with other materials due to the increased weight on the existing foundation. The construction parts’ low weight also makes it possible to build an additional floor without expensive frame reinforcements.


High prefabrication Martinsons have developed solutions where installations of electricity, heat and sprinklers are delivered integrated in the constructions parts.


The on site assembling system The Extoler System includes an overhead crane which lifts the construction parts into place, guardrails as fall protection, lightening and a scaffold for completion work of the facade. Further, the whole building is covered with a weather protection which follows the proceeding work upwards until the permanent roof is completed.


A weather protected construction By choosing Martinsons' on site assembling system Extoler the frame and all its construction parts are protected during the whole construction time which guarantees an result with a high quality.


Short assembling and building time The high prefabrication combined with the on site assembling system Extoler and rational construction processes makes the building and assembling time of an additional building short. Normally the assembling and building time per floor is estimated to 1.5 weeks.