The glulam frame system offers free spans which gives great options of use, everything from business premises, sports halls and bleachers to industrial and agricultural buildings. There are many advantages with the natural way of building:


Low weight and strength Compared to its own weight, glulam is stronger than both steel and concrete which contributes to low foundation and transportation costs.


Nice indoor environments The premises are usually praised for their light and pleasant indoor environments. Further, there are great possibilities to use many visible wooden details in aesthetic design.


Free construction plan A great flexibility in terms of construction solutions is often received by making the bearing parts out of glulam beams instead of walls. The frame is adapted to the use of the premise and the requirements it involves. It is for example possible to totally abolish the interior bearing parts to adapt the premise to the tenants’ needs in the best possible way.


The environment is the winner No other construction material requires as little energy at production as wood. Products made of wood bind carbon dioxide during their whole lifecycle and can replace products and material that has a higher release of greenhouse gases. 


A part of the natural cycle A growing forest store carbon dioxide and by cutting down and plant new trees, natural conditions to decrease the amount of greenhouse gases are created.


Store carbon dioxide Products made of wood bind carbon dioxide during their whole lifecycle and can replace products and materials that have a higher release of greenhouse gases.


Carbon footprint All of Martinsons’ glulam products have a negative value to the carbon footprint, which means that they generate a less carbon dioxide release than what they bind during their lifecycle. With other words they are climate neutral. Read more.


Biofuel The residues from the wood industry are reclaimed and produced into an environmentally friendly biofuel which can replace fossil fuels.


A sustainable forestry Thanks to our well-educated timber buyers we are able to provide with advices to the forest owners about silviculture and by that contribute to an active, healthy and sustainable forestry.


Environmentally conscious at all stages All of Martinsons’ plants are certified according to ISO 14001 and furthermore many of our products are CE-labelled. We are certified according to PEFC and FSC®, (FSC-C107490) for traceability of raw materials and we are also connected to PFE, a program with actions for more efficient energy consumption.