Martinsons’ building systems are made of complete construction solutions and frame components for the complete frame. The frame components are produced with a high prefabricated level in factory. Parts of the frame can also be made of CLT.


A high level of prefabrication

A high level of prefabrication makes the assemble work more effective. All construction parts have fasteners for lifting and are easily assembled on site directly from the truck without having to be stored elsewhere first. Flexible placement of the wall elements enables creative structure solutions and large free spans.


On site assembling system

The specially developed on site assembling system makes the work more effective, protects the construction, contributes to a pleasant work environment and ensures high quality. The low weight of the wooden balcony slabs ease the attachment to the facade.


Flexible solutions

The facade can be provided with glulam paneling or other optional facing. It is easy to attach most types of facings to the massive outer wall element. The inner walls and apartment dividing elements can be delivered with preinstalled electricity and piping.



Built in sound barriers creates a pleasant sound environment. The prefabricated frames fulfill sound class B by elaborated solutions for all components and attachments.



Martinsons’ frame system is made of construction parts in CLT which, together with well tested construction solutions, are constructed into a complete frame. The possibility to preinstall electricity and piping systems shorten the on site construction time.


Inner walls

Flexible constructions depending on the bearing function. The inner walls can be delivered with preinstalled electricity and piping systems.


Apartment dividing walls

Flexible construction depending on the bearing and/or sound separation functions. The apartment dividing walls can be delivered with preinstalled electricity and piping systems.



Joist adapted to the span can be delivered in spans of up to 12 meters. The cassette joist can be delivered with preinstalled electricity and piping systems and a gypsum covered suspended ceiling.


Outside wall

Flexible constructions depending on the bearing function. The most common is that the outside wall is constructed as a bearing construction to enable free and open spaces inside the apartments and houses. The facade covering is designed after customer requirements with for example plaster, bricks, stone plates or tree.



Martinsons have different variants of balcony construction solutions. The advantages of wooden balcony slabs are for example the low weight which makes the attachment to the facade easy. We have different variants of moist barriers and fire protection adapted to the requirements of the actual building.


Staircase and elevator

With the modern wood construction technology of today a stairwell or elevator can advantageously be built out of wood. Fire and sound classes determine the dimension and any possible coverings.