Based on years of experience in the industry Martinsons create optimal solutions for every individual project. Our customers often put their trust in us to be part of the construction from the very beginning with the planning stage; this creates a stabile foundation for a successful co-work. Starting from basic requirement specifications and drafts we develop complete planning guides and calculations.



In the dimensioning of CLT blocks, traditional calculation methods can usually be used. The blocks’ structural engineering properties depend on the CLT layers placement and thickness.



In the calculations of the wall blocks’ bearing capacity the blocks’ buckling is, because of vertically loads, dimensioned. The walls can be calculated as bars with jointed attachments.


System of joist

The dimensioning of the system of joist usually includes calculations of serviceability limit states. The limit of bur stability is normally not in need of control for houses and offices with normally occurring loads.


It contains charts to calculate the bearing capacity, rigidity and span. Further, the conditions for vertically bearing and stabilizing walls are shown.


Further information about how the frame system of cross laminated timber is dimensioned can be found in the CLT manual 2006 and Fireproofed wood houses, version 2.



Constructions with construction parts of CLT have a good fire resistance thanks to the fact that wood keeps its normal qualities behind the carbon layer and carbonization zone during fire. The burning rate is slow which means strong fire resistance in both bearing and separation constructions.

Constructions with construction parts of CLT from Martinsons are manufactured with a fire class all up to REI90. For more information about fire dimensioning and the fire safety within the different products please contact Martinsons.



Constructions with construction parts of CLT have good test values in terms of the buildings acoustic comfort. If the customer requires, the constructions can be produced in sound class B. To develop the acoustic comfort further, Martinsons focus a lot on researches within this area. For more information and values please contact Martinsons.


Surface class

CLT exists in quality integrated - not visible surfaces and quality - visible surfaces. If a visible surface is required please contact Martinsons for reconciliation.