Martinsons’ building system for high apartment buildings is based on the construction components in CLT. Thanks to the development of the industrial building a number of important advantages are created.


High level of prefabrication The construction parts in CLT are prefabricated and can be offered with a paint-ready interior covering and a completed facade covering and also integrated electric and piping installations.


Efficient building process The construction parts’ high level of prefabrication and the assembly system’s advantages, in combination with well-reasoned logistic solution and fasteners for lifting and assembly directly from the truck, leads to an about 50% shorter construction and building time on the construction site compared to an normal on site construction.


Rational assembly system Martinsons’ time efficient and rational assembly system Extoler is a weather protection that includes a platform for a safe work and an overhead crane which replaces the construction crane.


Quality assured and weather protected The production in a rational factory environment increases the possibilities for a good precision of the construction components and the weather protection ensure a dry, quality assured construction.


Competitive total economy The development of the assembly system has contributed to that we today are a strong competitor for the dwelling constructions compare to other materials.


Flexible planning The building of the frame system gives a large architectural freedom and creates possibilities for a planning with large open areas.


Living environments The high class of noise reduction is a standard. The houses are praised for both their pleasant sound levels but also the natural feeling that is created in a wooden house.


For the future of the environment The frame material is based on a renewable material and produced in resource-saving manufacturing processes. Further, the wooden buildings store carbon dioxide during its lifecycle.


Living in a passive house Martinsons have developed constructions and technical conditions for a new generation of passive houses. The energy consumption of about 50 KWh/m2 per year qualify for so called sustainable houses.