One of Martinsons' most important goals is to make something wonderful out of the forests of Västerbotten. The slow-growth forests in the region are a unique natural resource and provide timber which is renowned for its quality and its suitability as a construction material. By supporting forestry by local landowners, Martinsons contributes to forests which give the best possible return in both the short- and long-term.

Favourable wood prices Today, many companies would like to make use of your forest. We all want to win your trust that we will fell the timber at a pace which is best for the forest in the long-term. We understand that the decision as to which company to entrust your forest to is not easy. On a basic level, we would like to gain your confidence by assuring that you will receive at least as good a price from us for your timber as from anyone else.

Added value on many levels One aspect of our argument as to why you should entrust your wood to Martinsons has more to do with who else you would like to see share in the benefits of its increasing value - in both the short- and long-term. This could go hand-in-hand with our goals. We want to make something fantastic out of it. Something which puts Västerbotten on the map and which ensures that the whole of its value stays here within our community.

Farsighted relationships One of the basic premises of Martinsons' operations is to establish a long-term partnership with the region's forest owners based on trust. By taking the time to get a clear understanding of wood suppliers' situations and circumstances, Martinsons is able to provide useful support in all aspects of their forestry. Apart from careful and efficient felling, we also offer forest owners comprehensive solutions covering the entire forestry process, as well as the help of a personal forest advisor.