Martinsons is one of Sweden's largest family-owned wood processing companies with deep roots in Västerbotten and with its head office in Bygdsiljum. Today, the group has around 400 employees, sales of one billion kronor annually and is recognised year-after-year as one of Sweden's most expansive sawmill companies. Martinsons processes the northern Swedish forest into high-quality wood goods, innovative components and ready-to-use solutions which add value and contribute to an increase in the use of wood.

A leader in glulam and wooden bridges Our operations secure the value of the forest through long-term, responsible forestry and efficient processing at our own sawmills in Bygdsiljum, Kroksjön and Hällnäs. Apart from its extensive production of sawn wood goods, Martinsons is also Sweden's largest producer of glulam and CLT Wood, as well as the Nordic leader in wooden bridges and framework systems. 

Success in Asia Presently, Martinsons is one of the most influential representatives in the industry, both within Sweden and as an ambassador for wood-based construction abroad. Martinsons has contributed to strengthening Sweden's position on the international market through its successful export operations to both Europe and Asia. This has given Martinsons a natural role as a qualified partner for researchers and universities working with the development of Swedish wood-based construction.

Added value on many levels The company has deep roots in Västerbotten and its successes have resulted in a great deal of added value for those living in the region. Many new job opportunities have been created as a result of the growth of the company, which has also carried out offensive initiatives on the local level in the form of large, long-term investments. Martinsons also contributes to securing the value of the forest for future generations by making wood an attractive building material.