The Martinsons Group consists of five separate companies, each of which specialises in its own particular area of operation. The group boasts Europe's most modern sawmill, constitutes Sweden's largest producer of glulam, and is the Nordic leader in wooden bridges and building systems for every type of building and home. The group is based in Bygdsiljum Västerbotten. The three production facilities in Bygdsiljum, Kroksjön and Hällnäs are all part of Martinsons Såg AB and they share a joint sales company and group-wide planning.

Martinsons Group AB is the holding company.

Martinsons Trä AB is responsible for sales of the group's sawn and processed goods, as well as for glulam products.

Martinsons Byggsystem KB purchases its structural parts and components from Martinsons Såg and develops, markets and erects buildings using wooden framework systems.

Martinsons Träbroar AB is a market leader in the Nordic region and develops and manufactures a flexible system with ready-to-assemble wooden bridges for the entire European market.

Associated Company

Rebio is a part-owned, associated company that handles the by-products of the group's operations, with an emphasis on different types of biofuels.

Bygg i Trä Sverige AB
Martinsons Byggsystem forms a part of the industry group Bygg i Trä, together with Lindbäcks Bygg and White Arkitekter. The group has worked for several years on developing new processes and techniques for multi-storey construction using wood. This develoment work has taken place in collaboration with Luleå University of Technology and SP Trätek, among others.

Part-owned Company

Martinsons is part-owner of Uni4 together with SCA, Holmen and Södra Timber. Uni4 is a Swedish sales company which has worked with exporting Swedish wood goods to countries in North Africa and the Middle East for a number of years. The company has a well-developed contract network in the countries in which it operates. Collaboratively, these joint-owners are able to run a structured and efficient sales operation including cost-effective logistical solutions and joint marketing initiatives.