The three sawmills in Bygdsiljum, Hällnäs and Kroksjön are all a part of Martinsons Såg AB. With a joint organisation through Martinsons Trä AB and comprehensive planning, this creates a sawmill company that is unique for its industry. 

Division of production Since access to timber is a determining factor in how efficiently Martinsons can operate, the three sawmills have divided production between themselves to make best use of the total saw capacity and to maximise profits from raw materials. Spruce is primarily sawn in Bygdsiljum for glulam production and the sawmill in Hällnäs concentrates more on pine. Kroksjön uses a combination of both types of wood with a slightly greater emphasis on spruce.

Major investments Investments of over SEK 400 million since 2000 mean Martinsons can maintain its strong position within Swedish wood processing. The three sawmills' total capacity is designed to provide the group's other units with the large amout of wood goods the market demands during upswings in the economy. The company's expertise and advanced technical solutions within wood processing also mean it can maintain good profitability even during down turns.