During the first five years of the 21st century. Martinsons invested SEK 225 million in an entirely new sawline to give it more flexibility in its operations. When the new line was inaugurated in 2005, Bygdsiljum once again became the most modern sawmill in Europe. It was the first of its kind with a high capacity sawline with extremely efficienty use of raw materials. The ability to quickly shift production at the sawmill was necessary because of the high degree of processing. Currently 230,000 m3 sawn timber is produced annually. The timber turner in the new timber input makes sure each log enters in the right way with the top and thanks to the fact that the new raw sorting has been equipped with buffer zones, the sawmill's uptime is optimised.

The investments in the new sawmill were an additional step in Martinsons' investments in Bygdsiljum. In 1987 a new glulam factory was built for component manufacturing and in 1995 an additional glulam factory was opened. Five years later SEK 44 million was invested in expanding the Glulam 2 factory, with operations focused on producing glulam for the Japanese market.