The sawmill in Hällnäs dates from the end of the 19th century. Today the facility uses ultramodern technology and has a high production capacity. Since Martinsons took over operations in 1996, it has invested over SEK 100 million in the facility and increased saw capacity significantly. Currently 75,000 m3 of sawn products are produced annually. To make full use of the factory's capacity, in 2008 a major renovation was conducted. SEK 30 million was invested in a new timber feeder and a new debarking machine.

Modern sawmill technology has resulted in changes to work approaches over the years but the same genuine feel for craftsmanship remains as an important factor within the sawmill industry. Hällnäs, with its long history and the professionalism of its employees, is an invaluable asset for Martinsons. Hällnäs is also ideally located. Operations in Hällnäs focus primarily on working with spruce and the mill is in the middle of a very good spruce district. The raw materials located nearby are of very high quality, which means the mill always has access to quality material. Hällnäs is also the southern point in the triangle formed by Martinsons' three sawmills. This covers a large area and helps keep transport costs low.