Martinsons' sawmill in Kroksjön was previously called Wallmarks Såg and has long been a leading sawmill in northern Sweden. Wallmarks was founded in the 1920s and when Martinsons purchased it in 2003, the company acquired a well developed sawmill with important expertise for production of processed and custom products for the retail building sector, construction companies and industry.

In 2007 SEK 65 million was invested in the renovation of the sawmill in Kroksjön to increase capacity. With a straighter sawline and a new timber feeder, it was now possible to go from two shifts to one while maintaining the total production level. Currently 75,000 m3 of sawn goods are produced annually.

Since the new sawline is based on a technique that requires other expertise from employees than a traditional sawmill, it was necessary to train employees. To manage as much as possible the new job assignments with existing personnel, the company determined what expertise already existed within the company. Employees are well versed in their industry and thanks to a well-planned training programme, they have managed the new assignments and the modern sawmill technology almost exclusively with the original employees.