Martinsons' management system functions as an important tool for overseeing the company's operations and offers a good picture of our view on the environment, energy and quality. Our work is inspired by the opportunity to contribute to a better environment and it is our firm belief that this ideal should permeate all aspects of our business.

All Martinsons facilities are included in our certifies environmental management system, in line with ISO 14001-2004, which certifies that consideration for the environment is included as a standard part of our operations and that we take steps that promote the environment by preventing damage before it occurs.

Martinsons is also connected with PFE, a programme in which we undertake to map the energy consumed by our operations and implement measures which lead to more efficient energy use. The wood processing industry is energy intensive. An important element in Martinsons' environmental work is our use of the most environmentally friendly energy possible. We supply 70 per cent of the group's total energy needs by extracting energy from our factories' waste products.

At Martinsons, we're convinced that our conscientious work to protect the environment and our high standards of quality in the manufacture of our products are important aspects in our relationship with our customers. Our customers can feel secure in the knowledge that the products we deliver have been produced in a way that considers their impact on the environment - something which we believe is important to our customers.