Both the bridge deck and load-bearing arch can be manufactured in glulam which is bonded and stabilised transversely using rods or frames. In order to clear the standard profile for free space for the arch with a suspended roadway, a portal framework is erected in the area abutting it.

As a rule, for transport and manufacturing reasons, three-section arches are used for large span widths. From the static perspective, too, three-section arches are advantageous. They also allow you to make torque rigid assembly joints on the construction site. For smaller spans, the arches can be manufactured in one piece as two-section arches.

Horizontal bearing forces must be taken up by the auxiliary girders, tension rods or guided into the supports. When the roadway follows the shape of the arch, the height of the arch should not be too great otherwise the gradient will be too steep. Solid arches can have a strutted or suspended bridge deck. The road surface is made of asphalt, gravel or wood. Dimensioning and surface treatment are executed in accordance with the current Swedish bridge standard and the service life is 40-80 years.

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