Martinsons ski bridges are specially designed for cross country and alpineskiing with clear span widths of up to 30 metres. Our bridges offer a large choice of possible solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing and blend into the surrounding landscape.

Choice of bridge type A girder bridge is the best design for a ski bridge as the width can be adjusted by adding several main girders to the bridge. At the same time, the construction clearance of this design is not too great.

Dimensioning Martinsons ski bridges are designed to take the load of both snowmobiles and snow groomer. Apart from the maximum clearance span of 30 metres, ski bridges can be constructed in practically any length required by joining together several girders longitudinally and by putting a suitable number of supports in place.

Special features To prevent melted snow from pouring through, our bridges are constructed with a double surface layer with rubber sheeting in between.  The bridge sides have snow movement protection in the form of 50 centimetre-high boarding that ensures the snow stays put on the bridge. Our railings are usually designed on the assumption that 50 centimetres of snow is to remain on the bridge, which is why the railing height is 190 centimetres calculated from the road surface.

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