This wooden bridge guide provides practical planning support to help you choose the type of bridge you require. Martinsons manufacture three main types of wooden bridge - truss girder bridges, transversely prestressed bridges and girder bridges - that can be delivered, according to your needs, with an additional supporting framework to clear the required span. Each type of bridge has unique characteristics that make them especially suitable for certain types of bridge solution.

The final choice of bridge type is determined by the required span, area of use and wishes concerning the design. At Martinsons Träbroar, we execute the design, manufacture and construction of bridges and are happy to provide consultation services and advice on the design of your project. Up to 2010, the longest bridges we have delivered include a 230 metre long pedestrian bridge and a 123 metre long road bridge, but there is no upper limit to the length of the bridges that we can design and construct for you.