Martinsons is represented in most markets in Europe, North Africa, Middle East and Asia, and has customers in around forty countries. When it comes to selling the traditional selection of sawn wood, almost half of the volume is exported. UK has traditionally been Martinsons largest market for sawn wood – while Japan is the largest market for Martinsons glulam.  Countries in northern Africa and Middle East have become important export markets the last years and the Chinese market is showing great potential as a new export market for sawn wood. Our most important market must not be forgotten though – the domestic Swedish-Norwegian market.

Holmen-Martinsons Timber Ltd
On the English market, Martinsons products are sold through the part owned sales company Holmen-Martinsons Ltd. The experienced sales staff in Holmen-Martinsons Timber has an effective way of working and has built up a well thought out structure for both regular and new customers.
Tel: +44 1223  841831
Fax: +44 1223  841818

Uni4 Marketing
Together with SCA, Holmen and Södra Timber, Martinsons are part-owners in the Swedish sale company UNI4 Marketing. Since several years ago, the company exports Swedish wood products to countries in North Africa and the Middle East with a well-structured contact network in the current countries. Together the part-owners can carry on a structured and effective sales work with cost efficient logistics and a joint marketing.